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How can I catch up?  It has been months since I have posted anything about our summer.  I still have the images from India’s birthday and party that haven’t made it up.  Not to mention the kids’ last day of school.  Ugh.  Well, here’s the “best of” photographs from the summer months:

India’s birthday party at the Adam’s Mystery Playhouse.  The kids really enjoyed the show.  I highly recommend this type of a party.  We only invited 5 kids which made it very affordable.

On the right is India’s passport photo.  The kids got passports in anticipation of our trip to Sydney, Australia in September.

From the top right: Ezra and his pals on the last day of school.  India at the Childrens Museum.  We visited a few times thanks to Ken who worked there just before moving to San Fran.  The boys got hair cuts, there is Zed in a fire truck getting his cut.  Ezra showing off his do while eating a taco at Chipoltle.  Zed posing for the camera, almost a Spock thing going.  Zed helping Anson retro fit the bathroom vanity which I stripped and varnished myself, thank you very much.  Thanks to my dad’s input.  The tile Anson put together for the hall bath.  I must find the before shots for this bathroom.  Anyone who has been to our house knows it is a night and day transformation.

Ezra demonstrating the robot dance for the camera, after a week at hip hop camp.  India in her costume after performing her skit she made up with friends in the theater camp.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s weekend visit was a blast.  Too bad it was so short!

ok, now I just need to post some shots from our 4th of July trip to Virginia and I’ll be caught up!

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