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I photograph truth, life, and imperfect people. Those who want the perfect pose, skin without pores and smiles in every shot won’t be happy as my client. I work in a carefree, playful way and will coax a smile or two.  Mostly I’m a realist and my photographs will show who you are and the unique, imperfect, real person you show me while we spend time together.  There is beauty in imperfection.

What is your education and background?  I began photographing in High School on both the yearbook and newspaper staffs while photographing bands on stage each weekend.  I studied photography at Brigham Young University where I received my BFA in 1999 and published my first book that same year entitled “Streaked With Light and Shadow, a photographic and oral history documenting Russian Jewish immigrants in Utah”.  I also studied book binding and printmaking which I have been able to incorporate into my photography business. I love making things with my hands. We moved to Boston in 1999 where I assisted commercial and wedding photographers for two years while photographing families and weddings on my own.

Best time of Year to photograph? Everyone wants a fall portrait so why not schedule your session for the Spring or Summer? Be different. Schedule a session early in the year and get a jump on the fall rush. Sessions scheduled after October 31st are not guaranteed for December delivery.

What time of day should we expect to photograph together?  I photograph one full session per day and since most people work during the week, Fridays and Saturdays book first (I don’t work on Sundays). The best light is in the evening, an hour before sunset. If we are photographing in your home, midday or late afternoon will work too.

What should we wear? Wear whatever you look and feel your best in. You’re an original, trust that.  Coordination is great.  Variety, even better. Keep in mind that I photograph natural families so having everyone in jeans and polo shirts is out… individuality and personality is in. Don’t over think it. I am always here to give opinions.

How is the Documentary Session different from the Portrait Session?  I tell a story with my camera, always.  Photographing the decisive moment, a term coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, is when the best photographs are made.  I am after the most natural smile, the most easy expression, movement, interaction.  Strong and emotive portraits document who you are. A portrait session is one location, documentary- several. Portrait we spend less time together, Documentary we hang for awhile allowing you to get loose. Either way, you will see the influence of documentary photography in all of my work.

Where do you photograph?
For the Documentary Session we can start at your home (not required but highly recommended).  Play music, make cookies, play in the yard.  Having someplace comfortable and well loved to photograph your family will allow me to document who you are today.  Good second locations include a favorite playground, ice cream shop, or part of town or nature you enjoy together as a family. We can be together for around 3 hours, including drive time to different locations.
The Portrait Session is more about you and less about place and play (although we will have fun AND play).  We could start in my home studio (which I can bring to you) for individual portraits then go outdoors, nearby, to either a natural or urban location.  If you have a favorite area, take me there.  I enjoy new places.

What if the weather’s terrible? Bad weather is very beautiful to photograph… but we don’t always want to be out in it. I will be in contact you the week of our session to check in with you about the weather.  If weather conditions are too cold or too wet and we will work together to reschedule.

What if my kids are acting like wild monkeys?  Let me take the reins for an hour or two.  I’m pretty patient, and besides, happy family interaction is the best!  Let me be the enforcer and you can relax and smile through all the crazy.  I want real movement and emotions.  A little crazy is how I get what I’m looking for.  If we become too crazy, I promise, I’ll let you take over for a minute.  But really, all the nutty family antics are what make honest, beautiful and enduring photographs.

What happens after the session? Within 2 weeks you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery. Often I will highlight an image or two on my blog.

Portrait Package: If you are local to Denver I will deliver 20 to 30 proof prints and the digital files to you and together we can earmark the best and decide what to print and where they should hang in your home.  If you are not local, I will send everything via mail.  Any additional prints or albums may be purchased directly from me or through the online gallery for 9 months after the session date.

Documentary Package: Your online gallery will include 60 to 80 proofs.  I will deliver your proof prints and the digital files.  Together we will choose the images for your book.  I will then create a proof for you to review.  Once I receive the ok, your book will be sent to press.  Any prints or additional albums may be purchased directly from me or through the online gallery for 9 months after the session date.

How do I schedule a session? Call me at 720-346-8619 or email me to schedule a time. I will email you a digital contract for you to sign. A nonrefundable deposit is due within 3 days of signing the contract. All remaining money is due when I show up at your door. If on your date the weather is terrible or someone is sick in bed we will reschedule your session as quickly as possible.









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