Project: Photograph an Apple

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Did I tell you all that I have been taking an online workshop since the middle of Feb? Probably not. Well, I have. The talented Deb Rouse Schwedhelm, whom I became acquainted with through her images on the Azuka album contest site about 6 years ago, is the teacher. Her eldest daughter has a Cochlear Implant, so we have a few things in common… Zach is a research scientist for Cochlear Americas, just in case you didn’t know. Anyway, I thought now might be a good time to think more about my work. This workshop had helped me to really focus on what I would like to do once my littlest is in school full time. It’s been such a great few weeks and I hope to continue to concentrate on myself and my creativity.
We had an assignment to photograph an apple. Below is my take on the assignment. Does this image speak to you? If so, what does it say?



I have lots more to share from the last few weeks. We’ll see how much I actually get on here. Hopefully everything!

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