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We had a blast with this guy for a few days out there in Tooele, UT near Salt Lake City. With a Nemo room, a huge train set, a beautifully painted bedroom, and some of the nicest hosts how could we not enjoy ourselves? Thanks for a wonderful week of relaxation and fun.
The kids and I spent the week with family and friends we haven’t seen for a number of years. We also visited the BYU campus. The kids were dragged on a fruitless search for where mommy learned to become a photographer. Things have changed there and since it was the week of Thanksgiving no one was around. Some things never change.
We did get to see Zach’s oboe teacher. She got to meet the kids for the first time. That was really neat. We also spoke with a photo student who was lugging around a coffin case filled with lights. I empathized with her, but really couldn’t offer her a hand… what with 2 kids in tow. It was nice to see some part of the photo program there… if only one person.
We also got to visit with photographer Jonathan Canlas. We popped in with a 20 minute heads-up phone call. He and his wife graciously let the kids blow off some steam, talk shop with me, and show me around the house. Pretty awesome set-up. They’ve got 4 kids; a room for each of them, a client room and an office. Not to mention an Ikea practically across the street. The mountains and the Ikea both made me want to move there. Well, maybe just buy a huge truck to schlep back a few shelving units. They now have zebra wood-like cabinets. I need them!

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