Sleep My Child

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When I first seriously thought of guardian angles I was about 16. I figured my maternal grandmother was around, protecting me. I was only 5 when she passed away. I hardly remember her. I know her from photographs, the many paintings that she created and from a vague understanding of how difficult her life must have been.
More recently I have remembered a woman I knew in Boston. She was such a force who shared her faith through song. We visited with a friend about 4 months ago who had her sing in the church where he was the organist. We had all witnessed the strength of her voice in our own Sunday meetings. He told us about the reaction of those in attendance at this other church and the spirit she brought to those meetings. Once, while driving to a choir rehearsal I thought of her, remembered her voice, her strength and her love.
Please visit Paige Cagle | Deep South Photographer to see her fine art image from this month. #fineart #guardianangles

8 thoughts on “Sleep My Child”

  1. i agree with january’s comment…the in & out of focus and translucence play of the different images collaged together pull the concept together. but your boys in and of themselves, this portrait is really something else.

  2. I believe in angels from the depths of my soul. This image is so hauntingly beautiful. Scary, but not. And then the boy on the left sort of “emerging” from his self, like an out of body experience that one might have in a dream. Really intriguing.

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