Summer Catch-up: Part 1

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We have done a lot of things that have not made it onto this blog. Since this is the last week of summer for us, I thought I should post some of the highlights.


E’s scooter ride.

I’s bungee ride

Photograph of Grandpa taken by E… most are not nearly as good as this.


Story time at Jamaica Pond.  Good to be with friends.

A couple more from E.

Waiting for the Green Line.  Forever as always.

Near the Basketball stadium.  Can’t keep track of it’s name… is it called The Garden again? and I in front of the longest suspension bridge in the US… or is it the world?

Wall art in North End after eating Pizza Regina.

The many faces of E.  Thankfully he kept his fingers out of his mouth!

Both kids at the Public Garden. This is before dinner at Upper Crust.

These are after dinner and ice cream.

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