The Winter Chill

We’ve gotten lots and lots of snow. Have you ever seen a real snowflake? I hadn’t until now:


The thing with Denver is they do not plow the roads… even with 6 inches of snowfall. Going from Boston, where the roads are terrible, but at least they plow religiously, to Baltimore, where they cancel school if there is one snowflake, and delay with only a slight mention of snow in the news. So rather than slip and slide in the car to school, I opted to pull the kids in the sled. It was loads of fun and we even sang jingle bells… I was the horse with the bobbed tail sans bells.
Too bad we thought school was on delayed schedule. When we arrived we heard:
“Wow. India is really, really late today!” (we arrived around 9:30am) and “Your sled is so cool”. We didn’t mean to be such a spectacle. Ok, maybe a little… but being late was truly an accident.


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