Those I Love: Kim

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my good friend Pamela Joye.

I cannot wait to keep photographing old friends.  Kim is my oldest friend. Not by age, duh, but by the length of time I’ve known and loved her.  When we moved to Mission Viejo, she was the gregarious girl who loved the classroom rat and happily showed me how to let said rat lick peanut butter off my finger.  Classroom rat, ugh.  But she WAS a loved pet.  Now I am lucky enough to have Kim in my life, and because of Kim I get to know Lance too.  I only wish I could spend more time with them both.  I think one of Kim’s most obvious skills, at least when you are hungry and visiting from out of town, is knowing just where the best dumpling house or poke place or Italian or any of the best food establishments can be found.  She also knows the art of gift giving.  Every time she visits, our shelves are stocked with see’s or the best banana chips EVER… I think she out did herself when she brought us 20 avocados this summer from her Garden of Edan backyard tree.  Seriously, her back yard is like the Garden.  Someday I’ll photograph that.  But really, Kim is the best at making me feel happy. She lets you know she cares and wants you around. All her giving shows how much she loves life and those around her. I consider myself lucky to have seen Lance and Kim twice this year.  Kim, you are one of my very favorites.  Ever. #portrait #denverphotographer #ThoseILove #portrait #denverphotographer #ThoseILove

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