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I don’t want to say too much about this image, only that many of these themes are spoken about each Sunday. I take notes; pictures & words. What really gets me listening and note-taking is when I can see an image, a photograph. That’s the only way I feel there is a purpose to the notes… if I have an end product in mind. At least that is how I started the nerd-like note taking. My church notes revolve around the thought “how can I photograph this?” then I draw. Often talks are dripping with imagery. Often they are dripping with instruction, how to become a better person. Many times a story is shared and it isn’t mine to photograph. Then I simply draw so I remember the story and how it inspired me. Doodling really. and not well, I might add. But who cares. Here, I’ll even share with you the terrible sketch that made this photograph swim in my head for a few weeks before I put it to film (term used, but I don’t shoot film. sigh). Full disclosure. #notes

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