Virginia Part Two

Zed.  He loved the water and sand.  Every once in awhile he’d get knocked over by a tiny wave (if you could call it that), but would just need a hug then back in the water.

Me in my new swimsuit.  I’ve been asked twice if this suit is a dress.  Ha!

Tige trying out the skim board.  Those things are tough and I always feel like I’m going to loose it.  Not for me, I’ll stick with a boogie board.  But the lack of waves made for a pretty uneventful day.  I guess that is a good thing.  The kids were a bit disappointed, but in the end I think this was much easier for the parents and little ones.

A smile from this boy… amazing.

Sand in hair.

The most picturesque beach shower.  Zach being a clown for the kids.

All our many finds, minus the live crab who lived in the tub for about 2 hours.

At the pool, Zed trying to eat this thing.  I ended up finishing it up for him.

The boys in the pool.  Ez always gets so cold.  At least his lips aren’t purple.


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