We Talked of JT.

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I do know something about Justin Timberlake. Zach and I tried to listen to one of his songs from that new album I kept hearing about. Raves of its coolness somehow pushed through my little bubble of music knowledge. We tried. Now I wonder who was saying these good things. Humm. I think it was NPR.
Well, anyway, I have a general knowledge of what JT looks like and I subtly mentioned this to my friend pictured below. HE likes JT (and his uncle mentioned this nickname to me, so I am using it), so I was happy that I wasn’t too far off base. JT is a pretty stylin’ dude and a pretty all around talented guy, right? I think I saw him in some movie… that one about the guy who invented FB. He was good in that. But my friend here was way more fun to hang with than JT could ever be. Mostly because I will probably never hang with JT. I’m glad we were finally able to make it happen and I really, truly had a blast hangin’ with him and his mom for the evening. Thanks for making the trek up to the ‘hood.





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