Winter break begins

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Seeing as today is the last weekday before Christmas there was a huge push to get everyone’s gifts made and sent out.  One of the best gifts I think had to be India’s teachers’ presents.  We wanted to make something they would enjoy and let them know how much they mean to us.  So I decided to have India help me make a couple of small, soft covered photo albums.  She sewed the binding and used silver and gold pens to draw little pictures along the edges of the black pages.  She was excited to finally make an album with me.  I wish I had thought to photograph these little jems.  This type of album is something I make often, I will photograph the next one and maybe even write up a how-to.  They aren’t much without India’s drawings, though.  I love each of her creations.  Well, except for the one etched in the wood of our vintage desk top.  Is nothing sacred?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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