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I heard this song, titled Wolves, the other day for the umpteenth time (Phosphorescent has become a favorite). When I heard it again I realized it was played on a Ukulele. I’ve been learning to play this little instrument since January and my list of rock songs I know is pretty short.  I quickly added this to my list (found the tab here).

I have been contributing to a monthly self portrait project and May’s theme was “song title”. I couldn’t decide, couldn’t decide. Especially since I just photographed using a song as inspiration pretty recently (see Talking Backwards). But once I learned the lyrics to Wolves I realized how profound the song really is.

I love music and am often blown away by the meaning, power, cynicism, and even humor found in some of my favorite songs. I  feel a connection to the songs and artists that I love often because of their lyrics. Sometimes I just realize how very different I am from them.  Either way, the spoken word is powerful and can be quite beautiful.

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