You might like it…

Good friends and a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

I heard that this girl is not super excited about getting her picture taken. Oh, imagine THAT! I’ve NEVER heard that before. Here’s my theory. It’s the pressure and the disappointment of past experiences.  When I was in school I always thought it would be much easier if the front of the camera had a big mirror. I can look good in the mirror (I practiced a lot in Jr High and High School). It’s what happens between the time I looked at the mirror and when the photo is taken. There is a sort of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. I have either a crazy smile or a fake smile or hair looking lame and of course every blemish is red and shinny. And if anyone counts! Man, that really kills it… just take the picture already. Here’s the cure: have someone who knows what they are doing photograph you… just once in awhile.  Then you will gain trust in the art of photography and in yourself and that you are beautiful, handsome, a real character… whatever. When I work, I try to get the people to forget that these will be forever and just have fun. I poke fun at me, at them or that guy that just stopped in the middle of the road to watch. (Oh, my!)

Try it. You just might like it.



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