1st Day of Spring

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You all must know by now that I am a slow blogger. Even so I wanted to share a few images from our first day of spring. While picking up I from school, we saw a sign that told about a 1st Day of Spring tradition in Poland. Each year they build a huge doll out of hay and dress her up and toss her into the river on the 1st day of spring. We decided that would be a fun thing to do. Here is our version of this Poland tradition:

This is our doll. Made from the tall grass I cut down while the kids played in the yard. India picked a few strands and a thick piece from one of the fronds. I tied it all together for her. She wanted to dress the doll, but I was unwilling to throw away anything that would not a natural material. I guess we could have dressed her in old leaves… next year.

img_1785.jpg img_1789.jpg
We drove to one of the kids’ favorite parks. The ‘river’ was pretty stagnant, I bet our doll is still there today, waiting for the rain to wash it away. I guess that’s appropriate since spring always seems to have a slow start.

2 thoughts on “1st Day of Spring”

  1. I have 3 words for you… “Blair Witch Project”! LOL

    Cool idea… Where do you find these projects?

  2. Ha! I obviously have no clue… I have never see that wicked movie. I’m a big scardy cat.
    This idea came from India’s school. There is a dry-erase board with different messages each month. That month happened to have the throw-the- doll-into-the-river-BWP tradition on it.

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