A Thank You!

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The other day my friend came over a “did” my closet. Basically she said, “Get rid of THAT, it is U-G-L-Y!” No, she never said anything even close to that. She was always positive and tactful. She did use the word frumpy to describe my sweater that Zach hates. She said it COULD be frumpy if worn with the wrong thing. See, and that’s why she was there, to help me avoid wearing the wrong thing. The sweater stays.
After going through my fall/winter wardrobe, a wish list was created. Skinny jeans were purchased. Get this… we even went shopping together without the kids. I don’t think I’ve been shopping with a girlfriend (sans kids) since before India was born. It was like being a teenager again. By the way, that necklace I didn’t buy would have looked awesome with my outfit today.
To say “thanks” for helping with my lack-luster closet I photographed her kids. They were impeccably dressed, of course.

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  1. Oh WOW! You did an impeccable job with those pictures! Those kids look GORGEOUS! What can I do for you so that you will take awesome pics like that of MY kids! WOW!

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