All Together Again

Two days after Christmas I check my email. There I find a message from a friend of a friend looking for a photographer that Friday. In Claremont, CA. I just happened to be an hour and a half away from Claremont. Thanks to a Facebook connection and recommendation I was able to photograph in the town where Zach almost went to college. Oh Harvey Mudd… seeing the town where this school is makes me wonder how he could turn that down. What a beautiful city. The school’s grounds are exactly what I had imagined, while applying for schools myself, a University should look like. As most of you know, I grew up in southern Orange County. Everything there is maybe 50 years old. I grew up having no idea there was any place in California that could be so old and have such mature plantings. I was naive. My eyes have been opened. This school is a place I would have had a very hard time turning down. I’m so glad Zach did just that.

This family hasn’t been together for many years… 6 or 7. I suspect this won’t happen again for awhile. Will I be in their town again? Maybe. Cute kids, fun parents… grandpa with a cool nickname. A fun bunch.  Here are just a few from my Christmas vacation.










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