Back from Boston

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We had a blast in Boston. I really miss being in such a cool city. Although we are becoming aware of the cool things about Denver. It just seems like all those huge trees and the farms so close to the city are things only the East has.

Oh, and the best pizza on the planet is in the North End; Pizza Regina. A great description of that spot here. It was nice to see the familiar waitresses, made us feel like we never left.  Not that they recognized us… even if they did, they’d never admit it.

We also visited all our old haunts in Jamaica Plain and saw some of our great friends there. We even visited our friend’s community garden patch and picked 4lbs. of strawberries out of a 2×3′ patch. Amazing!

India even went on a camp-out with her friend’s grandparents.  Ok, it was in an RV.  But still, who would have guessed she could have squeezed in a camp-out on our Boston trip?  Good times, great memories.  Makes me want to return home.

Here’s one image from our stay in Boston. Stay tuned for more…

Public Garden

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  1. thank you stacie for stopping by, we really enjoyed you and the kids a lot. sorry we missed zach.
    today we harvested the firs black raspberries from in front of our house, one pound! and they are sweet!

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