Christmas Eve Pagent

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Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope this time of year has brought a minute or two of peace. I had some Christmas tub time. Just me and Calgon… oh, and a little baby throwing toys into the tub. We can’t have everything and baby was not having any long naps.
The night before Christmas was great. We have adopted the tradition of eating breakfast for dinner on Christmas Eve. Thanks to our dear friends the K’s. Oh and we had to have a little live Nativity too. India and I had been reading about Christmas in France. We read how many people purchase a new figure each year for their Christmas Creche. I am still on the search for one. We saw how to make a few figures in a book from the library. I think we’ll have to start with a homemade one, since I can’t seem to find one I like… or can afford.
So with the Nativity tradition fresh on our minds this is what our Christmas Eve looked like. We are lucky enough to actually have some family living nearby. One of Zach’s cousins and her family live about 40 minutes away. They came and shared the evening’s traditions with us:

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