Ezra and Machines

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When Ezra saw this grouping of meters, he got very excited.  When asked if he would like a picture next to them he said “Yes!”

Ezra is totally boy.  He loves fight scenes in movies and tv shows, he loves cars, but mostly he loves, loves, loves any kind of weapon and often asks if he can have a blood sword.  Lately he has been asking if he can have a knife from the kitchen to walk around with.  Oh, he wants to draw blood very badly.  Sounds like he might need a shrink…


2 thoughts on “Ezra and Machines”

  1. Well, I”m no child psychiatrist, but…….:)

    I say, no shrink needed! He’s a healthy, happy boy with parents who allow his imagination to soar. Don’t worry, he’ll rein it all in soon enough. Bring on the gore! Great pic, as usual………hope you’re feeling well!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how they just come that way? I was always astonished by the things coming out of older boys mouth, but hopefully will be better prepared for second boy.

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