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Ezra last night in the tub: “Why does Aunt Teri talk funny?”
Me: “What do you mean ‘talk funny’? Can you talk like Aunt Teri so I can hear what you mean?”
Ezra: “No, I can’t get my voice so crumbly.”
Really, it could have been anything from her surfer lingo to her surfer accent. She’s an awesome surfer chick (not at all like Gidget) and has a blog somewhere… here it is!

Me to Ezra this morning at the front door: “What’s the weather like outside? Is it cold or warm?”
Ezra: “It’s kind of cold and smells like meat.”
Me: “Meat?! What kind of meat?”
Ezra: “Umm, Tom and Jerry meat.”
Still unsure what “Tom and Jerry” meat is.

This is us at the HB pier. Teri took a few of the kids and I together. She got a few decent ones that I will share shortly.

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