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I am hosting a family portrait party at Barde Park, near Charles Hay Elementary school just north of Downing and Eastman in Englewood, CO. The proceeds from this day will go to the school’s greening effort. Most importantly, and where my interest lies, is with the school garden. This garden won’t be at the school for another year of so, but I still would like to support this program and help get it going any way I can. This fund raiser I hope will raise the funds needed to keep my dream of kids learning nutrition, sustainability, etc. alive.

Please visit this page to view available times: “Family Portrait Party.”
To book a time you may call, email, or even leave a comment here and I will update the schedule. Since I am manually updating this schedule, your name may not appear on the list for a few hours. This is a first come first served event, so act now!

5 thoughts on “Family Portrait Party”

  1. Holly Culbertson

    I would love to have the 4:00 slot if it’s still available. If not let me know. Thanks alot for doing this.

  2. Hi Stacie, if it is not too late my mom would like to schedule a family picture at the 4:20 spot. Call me when you get this! Thanks Heather

  3. I wish we lived there so we could come to family day. Now that Chas is here we need an updated family photo. Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Stacie,

    I enjoyed catching up with your life! I love the wind chimes and the Mexico photos. You are an inspiration all this work you do I need to start working a bit more myself.
    We are moving into our first home and I hope to make a very small garden. Check out our blog to catch up with us.

  5. Stephanie Adams

    Hi, Stacie. The Adams boys and I would LOVE to have the 4:50 or 4:40 slot. As you know, Mark will be in Colorado Springs, but I would love a picture with the three boys! Thanks, Stacie.

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