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Last week I was privileged to photograph a women’s group. I got to be a part of one of the best discussions that I have heard in a long time. So many of the things that were said have made me stop and think. Like complimenting a little girl. Typically a compliment is for something visually beautiful; pretty skirt, hair, eyes, etc. Thankfully at home the kids are more than just cute, they are smart, funny, curious and helpful. I know this group will do wonderful things.
Once their website is live, I’ll post a link. In the mean time, here’s what the night looked like:

I love the color. Mundane can be beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for this Stacie! You’re a great person. When you’re not going to a Slow Food meeting I hope you can join us!

    PS. I need a front page for the website with all your best shots of us. We have our NPO status and can pay you.

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