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I keep returning to this awesome yarn/craft store on Broadway here in Denver. It’s called Fancy Tiger. The yarn and fabric and other odds and ends they sell there are the best and the folks who work there are always fun to talk with. So I bought a whole bag full of yarn all for myself sometime after my birthday. But my birthday is in November, which is so close to Christmas that I had to justify some of my purchase by making a few things for my family. So I knitted two of these cowls. The cowl pictured was sent to my step mom and the deep purple with green buttons (not pictured) I kept for myself. I found the pattern here, through Ravelry this great knitting and crocheting community.

I made these for my sister who is always complaining that So Cal is cold. Well, I gave her a gift that expresses just how cold I think So Cal is… only cold enough for fingerless gloves. So there! Cold in California, HA!

Every year at church we have what is called Super Saturday. Basically a few hours on a Saturday in late Nov. early Dec. where we make stuff. Last year I learned to knit. This year I was somehow wrangled into teaching how to etch glass. I had never etched glass in my life. But how hard could it be? I etched metal plates in my college intaglio print class 11 years ago. How different could it be? Oh, it was much easier. No acid baths in trays, no need to wear gloves or be under a fan (although a well ventilated room is a must) and we used contact paper to make the stencils. The hardest part was laying the stencil on the curved glass ornaments I had bought. The contact paper just didn’t want to bend the way I wanted it to. I made these plates for my mom. One of each of the kids’ profiles. I figured she could use a few extra plates. Since they are etched, they can be used without fear of rubbing off the decoration.

PS. The fingerless gloves were researched but no one pattern used, it was a mix of several. Also, the part around the fingers I knitted both white and green yarns at the same time. I saw someone using 2 strands at once while at India’s cello recital, of all places. One glove might be larger than the other… I will confess to nothing!

2 thoughts on “Final Christmas Gift Post”

  1. Good WORK Stac! Those are all SO beautiful…love the fingerless gloves! So great. And I seriously think that those etchings of your kids on the plates are SO beautiful! You’re so good.

  2. I love all those gifts but the fingerless gloves totally rock. I’m so impressed on your knitting, I tried to learn but never really got very far with it.

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