Freckles II

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When I get that rare opportunity to photograph it always amazes me the beauty and self awareness I see. I am reminded that everyone is special, important, and beautiful as they are. I hope I am successful at capturing at least a little portion of each person’s self. It is such an important part of my photography, to create a true remembrance of life.

After my last year of High School, I set off on my own and only returned home for holidays. It seems I didn’t ever look back. In a lot of ways I didn’t look back. But really, I made plenty of phone calls and was even homesick. Still I never went back, not for more than 2 weeks. Remembering my past helps me realize just how important these photographs are.

In my own family I am somewhere between wishing they would leave me alone and loving their presence. I can see things shifting with my eldest. She’s beginning to distance herself, if only a little. I see the signs and know I will one day have a girl in need of a senior portrait. May she be as confident and beautiful.


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