Halloween: Avatar Style

For about 6 months now Avatar has been a main topic of conversation. “Will you paint an arrow on my forehead?” “Can I get a blue tattoo of an arrow on my head?” “Can you make it go down my back?”
So we’ve been back and forth about tattoos and airbending and earth, water and fire bending. Exploring the different elements and how they can be used and why we aren’t really into tattoos. The permanence of a decision made at 4 years old would be regretted even when my boy became 10. So we researched henna and saw that some black henna can scar. Henna lasts too long even, especially for something on the forehead. The questions have subsided a bit, as we have explored each variable of the Avatar land ways. There was even a time when Ezra thought he wanted to be Anakin… that was after watching one or two of the newer movies (an impressionable child). I’m just glad the cartoon has a generally good message. If you don’t believe me, just watch it yourself and see. The movie was enjoyed by my kids, but we made the mistake of seeing it at the dollar theater. Never again! The speakers were blown, so I couldn’t hear the dialogue (not that I was missing that much) and even the projector was a bit choppy so I couldn’t really see the action sequences. We’ll have to watch it on the home theater. It’ll be much better, I’m sure. The reviews for the movie were terrible. After having watched most episodes with the kids, I would agree with the critiques. Compared to the cartoon, the movie is but a shadow.
So as with most folks these days, Halloween isn’t just a one day affair for the Smiths. There are school, work, friend and church parties days before leading up to the traditional trick-or-treating. I must say, this year we will get rid of the candy much sooner than we have in the past. I am embarrassed to admit how long we had it last year. So I won’t!
I was handed a flier from Noodles and Co. today. Each kid to give away even a piece of candy to them on Sunday will receive a free bowl of noodles (this was the location on Evens and Franklin in Denver). The candy will be sent to the gi’s and given to kids throughout the world. Too bad this promo is on Sunday. We might have to stop in to just give the candy… although I know orthodontists do a similar thing.

At school. Mr. C as a gorilla, frightening India and her friend.

All of us, from left: India as Katara, Stacie as Suki (the Kioshi Warrior and girlfriend to Sokka), Zed as Momo (the flying bat lemur), Zach as Sokka (Katara’s brother), and Ezra as Aang.

All costumes made using dye, felt, fur, burlap and whatever else I could find on hand. Very few sewing skills were used. A friend suggested this be a Project Runway challenge. I said only half a spool of thread could be used!

4 thoughts on “Halloween: Avatar Style”

  1. Once again, Stacie, you are so awesomely creative! Alexa and Marvin are also huge Avatar fans so I know they will love seeing these photos when they get home!

  2. One of my students came to class on Friday dressed as Zuko. It was pretty great. I saw him later on campus with his wife who was dressed as Kitara.

  3. wonderland, i’m impressed with the outcome of your creative hours, it must have been many hours…
    love it, even though i have not seen avatar or looked at the comic…

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