Happy Birthday Baby

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My baby no longer. I guess when her brother was born, the change was complete.  Since we left Boston, I feel like things have been moving in fast forward. My little girl is 6 and almost done with Kindergarten! Unbelievable.

A portrait of India today:

*A sweeter girl there never was. She is very affectionate.  I often see her holding her friends’ hands, giving hugs to her pregnant teacher, and generally giving and receiving affection.

*I often hear the rustling of paper from her room. She can often be found creating a sign, making a birdhouse, or drawing a picture or note for a friend. All this made on her desk (now enlarged to table) using her stash of paper, pens, tape, scissors and glue sticks.

*She loves to stay up late, but will quickly shut down once she feels tired. “I’m too tired to put on my pjs!” In the morning is a similar sentiment about getting dressed… too tired to get dressed. I think not having to wake up at 7am will be one of the only things she will like about not being in school.

There is much more, but I tend to remember these things only when I hear the funny phrase or see my little girl growing. I’ll have to make an effort to write down some more characteristics and continue this in another post…

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