Hawaiian Retreat

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I thought a trip to Hawaii would inspire me to photograph more than I did. We had a great time relaxing and adventuring around the island of Maui, but I never once wanted to be burdened with my huge camera. Thank goodness for the handy pocket camera. Otherwise no one would have seen what we did.

Sunrise on the plane to Dallas, my first stop. The whole way there I kept remembering my last trip to Texas. September 8th, 2001. Pretty fateful time in our country.

Zach’s parents celebrated their 44th anniversary. This was taken outside the timeshare. So many beautiful and fragrant flowers everywhere.

Same night, after dinner. If you look closely you can see a bride and groom having their pictures taken on the other side of the rocks.

Same beach, georgous sunset.

Heading out to Molokini Crater to snorkel.

Windblown and salty.  Who could ask for anything more? I now understand why Teri has her hair in braids. Mine was suffering after this trip.

Through the bamboo forest trying to make our way to the actual trail.  I felt like we were in The House of Flying Daggers movie.  A gust of wind would blow through and knock all the bamboo against each other.  You could really hear the wind coming as if it were a giant walking through the grass.

We eventually found the actual trail and saw a few waterfalls… and some people too. 
Then we came to this.  Hey, if the girl with the flip flops and bandages on her feet could climb it so could I.

See?  This was actually coming down… and staged.  It was dry on the way up and began raining on the way down.  We had to be extra careful coming back through all the slippery rocks.

These trees were so cool.

Fruit stand along the road to Hanna.  The girls running it had only been in Hawaii less than a week.  They were there to work the organic farm (hidden somewhere in the forest behind the stand) for 3 months.  I asked if we could tour the farm.  She had never been asked that question.  Well, of course not.  You’ve been here a week!  I didn’t push it. We had to get back for lunch.

Big Beach.  No buildings anywhere to be seen.  Lots of boogie borders and skim boarders here.  Zach and I had fun jumping the waves, which were probably 6ft.  It doesn’t look it in the photo but trust me, they were big.

Another from Big Beach.  I talked with these guys to let them know I’d be taking a photo.  After asking what this thing was (it was a bomb shelter, so said the boogie boarders) they asked if I wanted to smoke a joint with them.  Ha!  As a teenager, would it be fun to smoke a joint with a 30 year old mommy?  I can’t relate, but I’m sure someone out there might have the answer.

Along the trail to Honolua Bay, our last snorkel destination

This is Honolua Bay where we snorkeled.  Beautiful, and the conditions were better than when we went to Molokini Crater… oh, and free. But breakfast and lunch were not included.  We saw a couple of eels and even this huge silver and blue fish.  But did you know there are no anemones in Hawaii’s waters? I, at least, saw none.  Just a whole bunch of urchins.  We did get to see a lot of box puffers (on both days) which are little and a brilliant blue on the sides while black and white spotted on the top.

After our 2nd snorkel trip.

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