He’s 5!

I know! I can’t believe it either!

We had a nice little family party on his birthday. Ice cream cake and a few gifts. He wanted to have a Harry Potter themed party, but since this is his family party year he opted to dress up (lightening scar included) and pretend India was Hermione.

Since one of his gifts was a King Tut costume, he quickly shed his Harry costume and donned his loin cloth and head-dress. He eventually striped down to be more realistic and insisted on sleeping that way. He awoke and came to our room and tossed and turned in the sleeping bag we have up there. I think he was cold. Thankfully he has found some flesh colored clothes which he accepts as part of the costume.
Ezra has been asking to play the guitar for awhile now. Zach decided he could handle a ukulele. Ezra loves it, but so does Zed. There is a bit of conflict over that gift. Instruments must be played while Zed is going to sleep. He loves to practice with the kids which makes playing impossible.

We decided on an icecream cake, seeing as that would contain less gluten than anything else. I know… why not bake one? NOt enough time in the day. We have something almost every night this half of the year. We are going from being totally under scheduled to being totally over scheduled. All we had to do was add swim team.

3 thoughts on “He’s 5!”

  1. Alexa asks, “Who’s Ron?” Looks like y’all had fun. Two nights ago we showed Alexa the old Steve Martin “King Tut” skit on Saturday Night Live. What a hoot! Glad to see King Tut is still alive and well 🙂 Happy Birthday, Ezra!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe how fast it goes. Bonnie turned 5 over Thanksgiving and I’m starting to get scared because soon I’ll have kids in real school not preschool. Looks like the party was a blast.

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