Homemade Christmas

Back in November I searched for different homemade gift ideas for India’s school Holiday Gift Fair. I ended up with a ton of cool ideas for the school (some of which were used) and some major inspiration to have a homemade Christmas this year. Basically that meant we gave handmade gifts to our extended family. Some year we’ll only give handmade in our home too.
India decided we should make a doll. I was pretty skeptical but after a Google image search we found this tutorial. It actually looked do-able. I asked her to draw up a design and I would get the materials. I think she turned out beautifully.

We also made a few scarves using the old freezer paper technique. I read the tutorial later and realized they suggested using contact paper on the fleece. Ya, the freezer paper didn’t stay on once the kids began painting. Oh well.
India again came up with the patterns, which were inspired by the lollipop tree song. Ezra painted the green one (his very favorite color) and India painted the red scarf. These were given to a cousin and the kids’ teachers.

I had found this really cool necklace on this very cool blog, Pretty Ditty. I thought these would be perfect for a few of the girls.

There are a couple of other gifts that still need to make it out into the mail. I blame Lulu and their slow Christmas service. But I am still slacking and have a few more stitches to get through before I package everything up. Once they are received, I’ll share them here!

4 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas”

  1. I love all your homemade ideas…thanks for sharing. I thought of y’all at Christmas when I hung India’s homemade angel ornament on our tree. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey sweetie! Did we ever tell you how much we loved everything? Things were a little crazy at our house so sorry if we didn’t. The doll is so sweet and the girls loved the necklaces and C loves his scarf. Thanks also for the pics! We love you!

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