Hospital Stay

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Bed rest is one thing, but to have to stay in the hospital until your baby is born? That is rough. The kids and I have been trying to keep this mom company. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia almost two weeks ago, just before the last week of school. She is India’s Kindergarten teacher. Not an ideal situation, but thankfully both mom and baby are healthy.
We had all the kids sign this book that we brought with us on one of our hospital visits. Another mom came up with the idea and helped collect quotes from each of the kids. What a wonderful way to remember all the kindergarten friends. With some extra money from the other parents we were able to raise enough money to purchase an album for each kid in the class.

Another ploy to cheer up mom-to-be was a little photo shoot outside of the hospital… if only in the hospital garden.

and in a wheelchair…

Thankfully she could get out of the chair, stand, sit cross-legged. Just no jumping or running.

Dad is already reading and cuddling with baby.

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