I Want to See

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This is how Zed tells me he needs to see the image he thinks I just took.

Seriously, I had barely put the camera to my eye when he pulled his “I must get my way” attitude. He was holding a classic pose, resting his hands under his chin. He even waited while I got the camera, but that was it. No more waiting. He must see it. And where the heck did he learn to say cheese? I didn’t teach him that one!

2 thoughts on “I Want to See”

  1. Amy Hanson Thoms

    These photos are nothing short of GORGEOUS Stacie! Your children are beautiful little baubles! Lisa is STUNNING – and it seems is quite excited about being a mom!

    I’m about to be one too – we go get our little Chinese flower in a week! Pictures will most certainly follow…

    Thanks for sharing – it’s fun to catch up!

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