India’s Birthday

We wanted to host India’s party away from home this year. With an infant in the house, we felt this would be easier for everyone. Zach was afraid I would try to make too many things if we had it at home. He knows me too well.

After listing a few places India decided Mini Golf would be the most fun. Instead of making things for the house, India and I made the invites. She drew a picture and I carved it in a block, then we used tempura paint to print them. I haven’t done that before, I have always used Speedball ink. The paint gave more texture to the prints… it was a bit more difficult to get the image readable. I did most of the inking and printing to keep the brush strokes to a minimum.

_dsc5030 _dsc5031
We didn’t use the back print since someone might not be able to read the info, oh and we changed the time.

India had decided she wanted Crunch Bar ice cream Popsicles for the party. Things couldn’t get much easier! But Zach’s mom convinced us that we needed some sort of cake for the birthday girl. I guess you’ve got to blow out candles at your party, right. So with her help I made some cupcakes. With the leftover batter I made golf balls for the tops with the tiny muffin pan I bought years ago and have NEVER used. It finally came in handy!


It was so windy that day we couldn’t light the candles. I tried for about a second and realized it wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully India was willing to pretend to blow out the candles. Ha! There was singing too, of course. We didn’t have to throw out all the traditions. She was actually sung to twice. Once by her party guests and a second time by all the Lacrosse players at the park that day. The park was filled with them! I have never seen that park so crowded. Some of the teenage girls thought it was so cute that India was having a party there and they decided to sing to her.

Ezra wanted a pink ball, not the white one. HA! I think it was because he knew I covered it with pink sugar.


A few cupcakes were devoured, but most were hardly eaten. They were good, I promise. I even made the butter cream frosting. The kids were ready to get golfing already. No photos of that, though. I had to nurse baby Zed so I passed the camera to Zach and only 2 or 3 images were taken the rest of the day.

The kids all had a blast and I’m glad India was able to have a party this year. Phew.

3 thoughts on “India’s Birthday”

  1. happy birthday india!
    sorry we forgot about you. alexa had a great party with everyone invited to eliot school, a great place for a great event.
    and we will stop by at your house mid august….

  2. What a cute invite and I love the golf ball cupcakes. Is she 7 or 8?? I know you had her before we moved into the Boston ward but I am not sure how old she was then.

  3. Gorgeous. Do you know about the Japanese Gocco screen-printers? I just borrowed one from a friend and I’m in-love with them. It’s by far the simplest method around for making simple and beautiful T-shirts, Invitations, Biz-cards, ETC… Great work. -T

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