Last Day of Clown Camp

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No performance to see that week, but she came home looking so lovely. Again a week of fun at Camp ArtReach. This last week of camp was clowning. She learned gags, how to make balloon animals, paint her face (although she got really frustrated and the teacher ended up having to appease the beast and do it for her).
I have seen other kids, on their mom’s blog living in some other state who-knows-where, learning to be circus performers as part of their home school learning. I think they were even in a real circus performance playing with rings or dogs or something. Very cool.
After India’s enthusiasm about this week of camp, two years in a row now, makes me want her to get more exposure into the mysterious world of the circus. Whatever, I have lots of hopes and dreams for my kids; what and how they should be learning.
Speaking of, after her first week back in school I have learned that India has only 20 minutes of recess a day. But I thought, “she’s got PE, that’s fun… right?” Well, PE is only twice a week. Can you believe that? It is a travesty. She really misses the fun of kindergarten. She complained there wasn’t any tub time or discovery learning in 1st grade.
How did I have no idea there was so little playtime in school? I cannot believe that kids need that much desk time to learn. I must have been in denial. Ahhh, I hope it isn’t as bad as I am imagining. If only we could have our network of Boston home-schoolers living here in Denver.
Enough of my rant and no offense to our teachers who may be reading this. I really have only a small idea of what happens in the classroom. On paper, it looks way too academic for my blood.

I’s gettin harder to pose… Not that I want to pose her. Rather, I should say she is getting more self conscious and a little gangly with her limbs lengthening.

She is always trying to get hugs and kisses from Ezra. He is typically telling her (and anyone else, except me) “Don’t touch me.” See his elbow? That’s him getting her to stay away. Classic.

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  1. If India likes doing balloon animals, then here are some instructions for her. Circus clown don’t do balloons, but people associate clowns with balloons. 😉

  2. Clowns entertain people, stating what clowns do and don’t do is the sign of not being a pro. If it makes them laugh is is good. There have been many circus acts with clowns using balloons

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