Last Day of School

This is India playing at Ezra’s preschool on his last day of school. Her’s was two days earlier. She is excited for the various adventures the summer will bring, but I know she can’t wait to get back to school with her classmates in the fall.
What are your kids up to these days? Are they out of school yet? We’ve already had three weeks of vacation… is that right?! Yes, I think it is. Unbelievable.
Hopefully I can keep this blog updated more frequently throughout the summer. I’ve been the house painter these past two weeks. Did you know it takes for-ev-er to paint doors? I have painted 7, with 3 more to go. I will never get those 12 hours back. But I must say everything is looking so beautiful. I wish I had before pictures so you could go through them and say “ewwww”… then “ahhhh”. When the rooms looked like crap, I didn’t have a need to photograph their unique brand of crappyness. Once I do get around to shooting what things look like now, you’ll just have to trust me when I say everything looks much better.

3 thoughts on “Last Day of School”

  1. Hi, Stacie! Congratulations on making so much progress with the house- we are in awe, since Marvin and I have NO abilities when it comes to home improvement. Alexa is currently on an RV camping trip with my Dad and stepmom- they went from Boston all the way to the Grand Canyon! She is having a blast. I have been working more since I got a promotion- I am now assistant medical director for an agency (Vinfen) where I’ve been working very part time for years. I’m still part time but it’s definitely a step towards more work, and I like it! Marvin is doing well, he’s THE SAME. We are investigating school options for the fall- we probably won’t do it but Alexa tested into the advanced work program in the Boston Public Schools, so we are learning all we can about it. That’s the scoop with us- keep posting those beautiful pix!! Love to all in your house, Alicia

  2. That pic of India is GREAT! She’s so pretty.
    We love summer. We’re visiting Lismarie in Seattle right now. We’re going to do the 1/2 marathon tomorrow (WALKING. We are underachievers in that department.)

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