Let’s go to Lake Side

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Have you ever been? Do you love it? Would you ever consider being photographed here?

These photographs only show a few of the very retro rides and sadly none of the signs or ticket booths. I couldn’t do them justice with my point-n-shoot camera with no tripod and diminishing light. I took a few images that show some of the things we did that evening. You will get a feel for the place at least.

Disclaimer: these images taken with a rinky-dink camera.

Many of the kid rides were very similar. Round and round in a circle. But you could tell they were built in a by-gone age.

We found the boys from our perch on the Farris Wheel.

So many things at the park inspired me. Even the bathroom.

Beautiful sunset from the train ride around the lake.

5 thoughts on “Let’s go to Lake Side”

  1. Sheesh, I only WISH my rinky point-and-shoot took photos like that! I soooo need a new one. Any suggestions? Which one you using?

    I digress, though. Love the shots – looks like such a fun day. I went to the Wisconsin State Fair a few days ago with Zoe, and what is usually a really boring thing turned into the most wonderful day, courtesy having an excited kid with you. Isn’t it awesome to see your kid experience these things? You captured some great moments.

    O hay, remember that church where you took photos of us? It burned this past Saturday after lightning struck it. Check out my (feeble) shots on my blog. So sad.

  2. Great pictures! I have not been to Lakeside in probably over twenty years! I will have to go take Dylan!

  3. thank you for sharing this with us. joel and the boys were at six flags today….. the boys earned the tickets with some reading in january. i could not care less but they had a lot of fun. naomi and i enjoyed a ladies day, we went to panera for lunch and the knitting store for needles to get work started on a hat for me.
    hi from jp, a wet summer is blessing us with lots of veggies!

  4. What great photos. I’ve been catching up on all your photos. I was down to where you were in Boston and did a photo shoot. Strangest thing but one of the families you photoed we saw at Walden Pond yesterday, Colby was playing with their little boy! Crazy! Great photos I love them!

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