Modern Day Hunter and Gatherer?

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This morning on my bike, riding to get milk and cereal for my kids before they woke, I had a thought, “I’m a modern day hunter and gatherer.”
Then all the reasons this statement is not true came to mind. We still don’t have chickens, our garden is a pile of weeds and dead starts, and I do not hunt. In reality, I am feeling a bit like a sustainable-living failure. There IS something, though, to be said about coming home hot and sweaty from the effort of getting food for the family. That’s all I’ve got. I ride to get most of our food. I am not an athlete, but I can be seen riding my route several times a week throughout the year.
So, if you ever think you are a sustainable-living failure and a far cry from being an athlete, try dusting off that bike and get yourself a basket (or trailer) to hold a few groceries. Or, if that isn’t possible, at least use your reusable bags. #sustainable

4 thoughts on “Modern Day Hunter and Gatherer?”

  1. I say that grocery shopping for a family IS a full contact sport!!! Riding your bike to do all of your shopping is such a great idea, and it is working for you. I don’t do that often enough but I am pretty strict about NOT driving for just one errand. I almost always pick up groceries on my way home from work or yoga class. This is the season for CSA- yay!- which means I can walk over to the bank parking lot to get our veggies, at least. Every little bit keeps our spirits up and our bodies/planet healthier, yes? Hope you guys are well, and that you have a great trip to SoCal!

  2. thank you for the thoughts, i walk to the grocer or ride to fetch the csa on thursdays (or send my kids out to do so….) yup hunter and gatherers we are. we picked cherries from our tree, about 60lbs. all worked into jam, pie, jelly and filled in jars. aren’t we lucky gatherers!

  3. I love hearing about all your adventures with food and bikes and whatever else is going on out there. Cannot wait to come visit.

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