More and More Birthdays

I love this little box. It can be anything! This time ’round we made it into an art box. So much fun. I hope she likes it.

I typed instructions for some of the items in the box. The little black books that needs to be colored with light crayons, the dolls who need to be dressed, and the stack of papers to dress them with. There is also a pad of paper to make small masterpieces with.

This house we painted and varnished. It looked great. The dolls we lots of fun too. The parents are little spoons while the kids are the tiny clothes pins.

I think there are a few boy parties coming up. What should we make for them?? We’ll see.

1 thought on “More and More Birthdays”

  1. Too Cool!!! I’m not sure if you are finding these ideas on line, or if they are original Stacie inspired ideas… if they are original, you could have your own website and make some $$$. These are excellent ideas!

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