My Kids

I love my kids. They are the best, brightest, funniest, most innocent kids out there. Maybe I have my blinders on… well, except for that time today when Zed screamed so loudly in my ear (at the bank, no less) that it was ringing for about 5 minutes. Or the other day when the shower door was shattered by this same baby of force (thank goodness for tempered glass). Not by his scream, although that wouldn’t have surprised me too much. Or yesterday when I had to bribe my kids with money and toys to clean their rooms. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. We have a job chart and once they earn enough money, they may buy a toy from Mommy’s Store. I had just restocked, hence the amazing staying power displayed by both kids while cleaning.
Have I shared what dinner is like at the Smith house? I have been trying to cook for the entire family and it has been tough. Ezra would prefer, and often demands, pizza every night while India could have pasta every night. Ezra often gags on pasta of any kind, and will sometimes eat it without complaint. Who can explain the inexplicable flip-flopping? Zed wolfs down everything that they don’t eat. Ahh Zed, now if we could get you to sit down while eating that would be great. So to cook for everyone, I often have very similar meals each night. A meat (yes we are on meat again) vegetable and grain… often brown rice. Sounds pretty ok, right? It is, most nights. Much better than when I was cooking something for the adults and an entirely different meal for the kids.
So yes, I love my kids. I also love where we are, where we are headed and where we have been. There are ups and downs to everything. That is what makes life worth living, I guess.

Zed should be pictured here… he was napping when I took these on Sunday. Maybe that’s why we were late to church. Humm…

2 thoughts on “My Kids”

  1. That sounds very much like our house right now. Except the kids only eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs. I try to provide more but unfortunately Chas took up Bonnie’s bad habits of eating. I love Ezra’s jacket for church. I’m going to have to find one for Chas. We found Chas some brown desert boots, so he finally has nice shoes for church.

  2. The best pictures of the kids especially the one of India I think it would win a prize any where. I love it what a beautiful girl she is.

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