On Teri’s Birthday

Zed and I picked apples from the crooked tree in our backyard. Many had no worms. How amazing is that? India took the first of these apples to lunch today. I’m excited to hear how she liked it.
I also wanted to show off our new shade sail. Now we need better patio furniture and we’ll be eating outside every chance we get. There’s always something keeping us from living our dream.
I’ve been thinking of my sister. This week she celebrated her birthday. I wonder what she did? I haven’t even talked with her, two days after her b-day! Maybe I can make it up to her with some nice words here on my blog… if she even reads it.
My sister Teri has always been the IT girl. You know, the one everyone wants to hang with or be like. She’s a counter-culture, punk-rock, beach-bum and is always looking for ways to enjoy life. Even living in sunny So Cal she jet-sets to live an eternal summer, and catch the perfect wave. (The water IS cold there)
Beyond her zest for life she has incredible strength and staying power. Even though I hardly see or even speak with my big sister, she is an inspiration and example to me. I see her pushing forward and taking the next challenge of life as something to be conquered. She will come out on top. Like diving under a wave to push through on the other side, still breathing. She’s the best. You only wish you had a sister like her.

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  1. Thanks Stacie! That birthday post brought a tear to my eye! You are the best sister too and I am always bragging about how awesome and talented you are in so many ways. Not to mention a mother of 3 great kids. I marvel at how you do it all, while making it look so easy. I read about the mommy store – what a great idea! You continue to amaze me 😉
    I love you and my great niece and nephews…
    And Zach too, of course!

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