Our B’more Friends


This is India’s friend from pre-kindergarten. The two of them would play every week and us moms got to become really good friends. It was so nice to see this family again and catch up on all the latest adventures.

Later that same day we got to visit with our friends the Reads. We ate a great meal, made butter… you know, the normal things you do with food junkies. These are our CSA farm friends, and we miss them dearly.
Here are a couple of shots with them. Their little girl had a joint 1st b-day party with Ezra. Looks like I didn’t blog about that event. Huh.


1 thought on “Our B’more Friends”

  1. Oh how we miss you too! Have I told you already that your visit was my favorite part of our trip to Maryland this time round? Well, maybe second to Eliot’s birthday party. I love a good party.
    We’re heading out to Utah on Saturday. Any chance you’re making it out that way?

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