“Our House…

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in the middle of our street.”
Ok, I know I promised photographs of our house millions of posts ago. Well, here they are. This is really our furniture rather than in this photo. I didn’t take too many, just of our favorite room and feature of the house. The windows.

Do you notice on of the photos from our Mexico trip?
Do you like my newspaper fire? It was lit for a couple of minutes only. Now I’ve got to clean it out. Not sure it was worth it.


This is the article I wrote for our neighborhood newsletter. I’m trying to get an interior in every issue… of course, being my idea, ours’ was the first house.

4 thoughts on ““Our House…”

  1. Your house is absolutely amazing. And I love your mexico print. Truly a wonderful piece of art. We’re going on a cruise to Mexico in June and your piece is such an inspiration.

  2. so nice to see your house all neat and cleaned up! i bet india was banned from the scene for that day!!!
    love your house, it certainly is a tiny bit more spacious then the greenstreet apt… miss you.

  3. Ahhh … my dream house. Seriously. What I would give for an awesome house like yours with some classic mid-century furniture (Eames, anyone?). Or some Barcelona chairs … or … or … the list goes on and on.

    Gorgeous images! I’d love to know more about the “Bond House” someday …

  4. Once I submitted this, I was told the house wasn’t the Bond house actually. Since the original owners weren’t named that… but the owners before us were. So there is some connection. It will always be the Bond house for me.
    Actually, the real James Bond house is at the top of the hill. Sooo cool. They installed the windows on tracks that just open the whole back of the house to the back yard. I’d imagine they might have a bird/bat problem sometimes… not to mention the bugs! But so cool.
    We are really loving it here. Zach laments not having a basement or attic. But you know, we really aren’t feeling it… at least I’m not. I’ve got an office and a great view of the back yard. I just wish those windows opened. That’s my biggest beef. Lately, I’ve been imagining ways to get doors installed on the cheap. Untempered glass I’m sure isn’t something to be removed that easily.
    I hope you get a first hand look at the Bond house. Come out any time!

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