Our Time with Family

We spent a few days with family and the camera came out on one of those days. I only wish I had captured each family member with Zed. That just means we need some family members to visit here in CO.
We had a birthday meal for my mom. The kids had a blast with Aunt Teri’s gifts. Blowing bubbles that could stay intact in their hands and made a huge mess. How could they not love that?
Zed got a turn with each of his Aunts and Uncle. He even ate with Dean.

Aunt Teri has the best hair and jewelry… so much fun to play with.

Then more time outside as the sun set.

Teri, Dean, my kids and I headed to HB after this. Teri’s place is always fun. We hung for a bit, then off to the beach to see what we could get into. Of course Ezra wanted to get into the water. Too, too cold. But we found all sorts of things to do while avoiding the cold ocean. India and Teri were digging for sand crabs… none to be found 🙁 While Ezra found all sorts of sticks and treasures washed up from the recent storms.

Then Teri got a hold of the camera. After figuring out how to focus the thing she did some amazing things! Here’s proof: some awesome pics of me and the kids. What a treat!

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  1. Hey — I was going to say I loved the last one best and now it looks as if I am merely being a copycat. Oh, well. I’ll just go ahead and say it — you look smashing in that last photo, my dear.

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