Patriot’s Day

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Visit Carrie Hyche’s blog to see what she has photographed for this month’s fine art group.

In light of yesterday’s tragedy I decided to share a portrait of a friend in a dress that is pretty much all American. I read a quote yesterday where the author noted that in the footage from the Boston Marathon explosions people were seen running toward the scene, to help. He went on to say that humans are inherently good. That if we weren’t, we would have killed ourselves off long ago. I believe this. This is one of the reasons I photograph. To show people the goodness and beauty in others and in themselves.

My beautiful, kind, generous friend Heather:

11 thoughts on “Patriot’s Day”

  1. In what has been a tremendously difficult week for our nation, this is truly a very powerful image. I was driving in to work today and the radio show I listening to was discussing last nights Bruins game and played the audio of the fans singing the national anthem – this image popped into my head!

  2. The side lighting is fantastic and gives this portrait so much depth, and I love the way you have framed it. A gorgeous portrait and I love your sentiment even though I’m not American, goodness and beauty and peace.

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