Peach Fuzz

This summer we moved from our favorite neighbors and our beloved home to a new house. We are getting to know our new neighbors and are hopeful this will be our home for a very long time. We gained a new house and acquired a little orchard. We have two peach, two apple, two plum and two cherry trees. This is what ripened first:

Little tiny peaches which will fill my little tiny freezer until I can acquire a large one. They were a great color for about a month and we decided since the birds were eating them, it was time to pick… a month before any of us thought peaches should be ripe. I’m hoping the next time we get peaches, we will have figured out how to make them grow bigger and sweeter. Not sure if that is possible. We’ll see.

1 thought on “Peach Fuzz”

  1. How exciting. So what is the new place like? It sounds like you have a bit of land & fruit! I love having trees & bushes that produce fruit.

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