Pumpkin Seeds and Snow

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Who’d ever thought that the rumors were true? Ever since we’ve celebrated Halloween here in Denver we’ve heard that typically All Hallows Eve had snow. Trick-or-Treating was done in snow boots. Well, this year we have finally experienced a white Halloween. I think we will use the sled as transportation from house to house.
Last week Ezra convinced me that his teacher said he could wear his costume. So 5 minutes from when we’d be out the door we scrambled to get his costume on… and face painted… and picture taken before things got smudged. Once we arrived to school, he was the lone super hero. No costumes. I did have a memory of someone telling me he could wear his costume. The next day we headed to the library and guess what? Costumes! Yep, that’s who told me that. I need a calendar implant for my brain.  Do they make that??




Uncle Noah is here while Zach is in Australia.  Pumpkin carving was a blast for Ez.  India could do without all the slime and seeds.  Although she did try one of the salted pumpkin seeds I roasted last night.  She shied away from the sweet ones.  She’s not into cinnamon.  Ez called his pumpkin guts “My experiment” and was sad when he caught me sifting through the goo to get to the seeds.  I told him our compost could be his experiment now.  That we’ll add a few apple cores from lunch to it.  He accepted that.


Relishing the goo.


Zed is basically crawling.  He’s been pushing up for about a month now.  When I say up, I mean up.  Downward dog style.  If you don’t know what that looks like, then do some yoga- would ya?  Cute pjs from our friends, just in time for Halloween!


Pumpkin seeds and snow.  Everyone should try it.

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  1. – Donald Chapell Holy cow Dawn, that turned out woldurfelny. 😉 Carol Yosco Harding It was truly remarkable watching Dawn in action. She has such a gift. Blake Edwards In Tune ! Looks great Dawn Mary Tayne You can count his little toes! Nicole Donald, you have such a lovely family. I enjoyed meeting all of you. Give Braydon a kiss from me. Stacy Smith Fiening The picture of Braydon on that soccer ball is precious. Braydon is so cute. Lori Johnson Awesome! Emily Williams Ruesch The pictures are so friggin cute! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Sarah Chapell These are AMAZING!!!!!!! Dee Dee Smith The pictures are *amazing*!! wow! He is precious. Mary Tayne Smiling dreaming little baby dreams Tara Salerno Awesome work as always!Nicole Harding Chapell Dawn you got the shot and I’m floored! I’m already trying to figure out which packages we want to order and we haven’t seen the rest of them yet.

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