Reading and Eating

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Every morning when daddy leaves for work, Zed is heartbroken and cries. Poor guy. To help with the transition I pulled out a book. Zed and Ez were both happy to sit and read this really awesome book, “Art and Max”, by David Wiesner. The illustrations and story were very good, I highly recommend. Ezra tried to convince me he that can read too. Zed liked it so much, he couldn’t put it down.

Once Ezra saw the camera was out, he had to have his picture taken too. How could I resist? With that bit of cereal in his cheek and the light just perfect…
After breakfast we even got to read another. I must explain why this is blog worthy, aside from having cute, photogenic kids. Ezra has always complained when I want to read him a book. I think deep down he really likes the stories. But unless it’s Star Wars or some other favorite tv show, he isn’t interested. For example, his latest fave is a mummy book because he loves the cartoon “Tutenstein”. We even went to the Tut exhibit at the art museum because he really, really wanted to go. Thanks to our neighbor Mary, we got free tickets (she really deserves a true thank you card… does anyone out there still write those?).
I read “Toot and Puddle” (the latest Holly Hobbie series of books) to him and he really enjoyed them. That was when I realized he does like books. Now to convince him. What are your favorite picture books? Any your shoot-’em-up boy loves? Please share!

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  1. thank you for the photos, i love to see your kids, and would also enjoy one of you and zach… and yes i do write those cards and send them snail mail… i love to do this, it expresses so much more then an email or a phone call. sorry i guess i’m kind of old fashioned (still no celly for me;)

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