Rolling into the New Year

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After 8 days on a cruise I brought home a few Mexican treasures and took some pretty cool photographs. My most memorable keepsake is the extra 6 lbs floating around my abdomen. I think a cruise could be a life changing event… for the worst. Great way to relax, but it seemed there was a meal every 2 hours! Suck it up for another trip to the dining room! Too bad I only made it to the last yoga class… but now, I’ve got yoga on tivo from PBS… they are only 15 minutes long, perfect amount of time for any busy mom.
Here are a few photos from  Zihuateanejo… or Zihuat as my sis would say. Zach’s brother and I went on a photo excursion there. The kids were with daddy while Noah and I walked farther into the city where there are fewer gringos.


Zihuateanejo is historically a fishing town. There were so many pelicans I couldn’t believe it. But there weren’t any scavenger birds. No seagulls to eat that bit of muffin Ezra dropped in the sand. Amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a beach without seagulls.
Notice the ship in the background? That’s the one we came in on.

Any and all toy cars, Ezra HAD to jump in. Too bad we didn’t have any pesos at this point. He would have loved this car to move.

I love, love, love this shot. I really want it huge for our wall. Not sure what Zach would think… but I love it!

I love the human element in this one. Another for our walls, I hope.

Aren’t the colors just awesome. Most of the images I took in Mexico had to do with color. So many beautiful colors to see. They were really speaking to me.

Ahhh, Mexico.

We kept seeing this green-blue unfinished metal. Very beautiful.

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