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For most of the first half of this year Ezra was sick. He stayed home about 30 days within a 3 month period. He is feeling much better now. I hope I discovered the offending food which was causing his illness. His doctor said he must be getting gluten in his diet consistently. I think it was the rice flour I bought that wasn’t certified gluten free. Cross contamination was never an issue with him before. But since he’s been off of wheat for nearly 3 years, his sensitivity is heightened. I think (and hope) the flour is what was causing the illness. Now he still does feel sick, here and there. But I am able to give him a pro-biotic or two and he seems to be able to function.
In March, Ezra was home sick probably the most. It didn’t help that the stomach flu was being passed around our house. He never did loose his cookies. March was the month I decided to document this time in his life. Here are a few images of my boy… sick.



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  1. Poor E! He is still mighty cute, even sick. I’m glad you have found a way to help him feel better. Nasty food allergies…..

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