Skirt, Heels and a Bike…

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(with kids and a husband)


A bit of history before we look at photos.  I knew Russ at BYU, although he has no recollection of me… I made SUCH a great impression.  We carpooled to church in Boston, where Heidi was my makeup consultant and friend.  Heidi is a fashion guru (I’m sure you could tell from the title) and dad writes film scores.  Super talented people.  People you wish you knew.  I’m lucky to be numbered as one of their friends… and Russ remembers me now.

In 2008 Heidi, the kids and I were able to reconnect in LA when little girl was about 18 months old.  That girl looked just like her little bro… or her little bro looks like her.  Whatever.  My first 2 kids were pretty close to identical; a boy and a girl also.  Genetics.









Thanks for asking me to photograph you guys.  I’m flattered.

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